La Trace des Eléphants

Bad and Breakfas for 1 or 2 people

A bed for pleasure, for VIP, for a romantic stay. Sweat, ethnic style. Wooden ceiling, window blinds to steerable breakdowns, the massive tropical timber, the net bed, are all elements that give the character in this House. Great comfort, with a bed 160 cm, (mattress anti-acariens, anti-humidité), noble materials, colored patinas, careful decoration. 28 m2 (36 m 2 with the bathroom).

Established in Garden, it has its independent entry. Designed and built by the master of the places, dressing space is functional and aesthetic. The bathroom is not left.

Fully imagined and realized, as the House, by us, it is both modern by these equipment (valves, Palm of shower, washbasin) and original in its decoration.

 It is equipped with, in addition, a great shower, comfortable to use bin. Very large glass Bay open terrace and its two carbets, swimming pool and palm trees.