Jument Callipyge

For 1 or 2 people

Kallipygos Mare 
1 or 2 peoples The kallipygos Mare? 
Kallipygos... "One who has beautiful buttocks", in Greek!  
This is also what claimed Georges Brassens in his song: the Venus kallipygos. Original work, work of an artist, it's true that she has beautiful buttocks the Mare! 
As 'Memory of box' this House can be rented alone or in addition to one or two of the previous rooms. It may be implemented if necessary communication with 'Memory of box', or keep its independent access. Only one, or two, for work or for a relaxation or vacation stay. 
Calm assured, bed of 140 cm with orthopaedic mattress, anti-acariens, anti-humidité for true comfort. Air-conditioned, this room offers an opening on a patio in the axis of the terrace and its carbets towards which it is oriented. A bright and colourful room. This room is for the less tonic with its strong contrasts: yellow grapefruit and blue ocean. tiles, paint and wood.
A beautiful décor that you will enjoy. Harmony between the blue of the soil and the yellow walls, continuity of color between fabrics, tiles and paintings. The bathroom is an extension of the House. No door, but a curtain that offers the comfort of a place easy to live.
It is equipped, with shower multi jets, in harmony of color and materials with the above. And then, as a little in all the rooms, wood: red wood (Muiracatiara) of the Brazil operated in compliance with the forest, wood softwood (pine in Europe) and touch of precious wood.
Installed in Garden, at the bottom of a small hall, it has its independent entry, but its window is an invitation to discover the Park to which it gives. Located in the heart of the home, it is a very calm and relaxing. 
Admire the kallipygos Mare!