Wellness Sauna

Sauna space sauna on reservation the practice of sauna is based on ancestral customs that are common to most cultures. 
According to some historians, the origins of the sauna back 2000 years. The Vikings have been largely draw culture of sauna by pushing their conquests to the East. 
As early as the 12th century, the sauna took the form of small cottages, widespread in the Nordic countries. The sauna is a place of serenity, where it remains attentive to the reactions of his body. 
Under the influence of heat, the pores dilate. Sweat cleanses the epidermis in depth. 
The skin becomes soft and flexible. The elevation of the blood circulation improves the intake of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. The muscle tension and muscle aches are attenuated. The Sauna provides a sense of relaxation and absolute serenity. 
Duration: 45 minutes - tariff: €20 per person.
Only on booking